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The Difference Between Self-Managed and Fully Managed Home Care Packages

It’s common for senior Australians to not know the difference between self-managed and fully managed home care packages. While fully managed home care is a very hands-off option, the high fees and lack of control is shifting Australians to a new self-directed method of aged care. Read on to learn the difference between self-managed and fully managed home care packages and how you can gain more control and double your care hours by choosing a self-managed home care package provider.

What is fully managed home care?

Fully managed home care is the traditional method for home care in Australia. A provider that only offers fully managed home care packages will control all aspects of your home care. They will manage all the finances of your package, choose and book your various care services, and have their own workforce of carers that they send out.

The downsides of fully managed home care

While a fully managed home care package does remove a lot of burden of organising care, it does come with many downsides. Your provider will manage which services you receive and when, rather than you deciding which care services work best for you. They will also use their own workforce of carers, meaning you will have different carers from week-to-week and day-to-day, and can’t choose carers outside of that provider workforce.

Fully managed home care providers also take a massive portion of your home care package for themselves. With 35-50% of your home care package funds going straight to your provider’s pockets rather than paying for your care, you will receive far fewer hours of care that you deserve compared to managing your own care.

How do I find fully managed home care providers?

The Australian Government’s My Aged Care find a provider tool is a great tool for finding home care providers. Simply enter your location, select ‘A Home Care Package’ as the care type, enter the service level you require, and search for providers near you.

What is a self-managed home care package?

A self-managed home care package is the new home care option which gives the power to senior Australians to self-direct their package and make their own choices in how they receive their care. Instead of having a workforce of carers, self-managed home care package providers allow their customers to find and choose their own carers, choose their own services at a time which suits them, all at a much lower price than from a traditional provider.

At Trilogy Care, our dedicated care managers will work with you to choose services which best meet your individual care needs. Then, you have the power to choose your own carers, at rates which you are comfortable paying. Finding your own carers is easy – websites like Mable, Find a Carer, and Careseekers are all excellent marketplaces where you can find carers in your area. If you have a friend or neighbour with the right qualifications, you can even choose them as a carer!

Can I self-manage my home care package?

If you are eligible for a home care package, and can source and choose your own carer workforce, then you can self-manage your home care package and maximise your hours of care. This new perspective of aged care gives friends and family the power to give a helping hand with self-management through family-managed home care.

If sourcing and choosing your own carer workforce sounds too daunting, but you are tired of high fees for not much care, then Trilogy Care’s Self-Management Plus package is perfect for you! You will get your own dedicated Care Coordinator who will help you with finding a carer workforce that works best for you for only 23% of your HCP, compared to 35-50% of your HCP from at traditional providers.

How do I self-managed my home care package?

Self-managing your home care package is easy, costs less, and puts you in control of your care. The first step, if you haven’t done so already, is to be assessed for a home care package. Your ACAT assessment will determine your eligibility for a home care package, after which you will need to wait to be assigned a home care package. 

Once you’ve been assigned a package, you’re ready to choose a self-managed home care package provider and start sourcing your own carers from a carer marketplace like Mable. Once you reach the start date with your provider, you’ll start receiving services from your home care package.

Check out our guide on how to prepare for when your home care package starts for more information.

How do I find self-managed home care package providers?

The Australian Government’s My Aged Care find a provider tool is great for finding self-managed care providers in your area. Once you’ve entered your area, care type, and required services, click the ‘More’ tab and tick the ‘Show me only providers that allow self-managed packages’ checkbox. 

Trilogy Care offers self-managed home care packages Australia-wide! Make sure you know which questions to ask when looking for a home care package provider. If you need more help with finding and comparing providers, make sure you check out our helpful home care package provider comparison guide.

Is a self-managed home care package or fully managed right for me?

If you’re looking for a very hands-off approach to aged care and don’t mind paying the extra fees, then fully managed home care providers are a good option. With these providers, you won’t have any control over your carer workforce or which services you receive. Trilogy Care’s Self-Management Plus package gives you your own dedicated care manager who will help you source your carers for only 23% of your home care package, compared to 35-50% at a traditional provider.

If you’re looking to gain more control over your home care package and choose the services and carers that work for you, then self-management is the best option. You’ll need to choose your own carers, but this is easy on a carer marketplace like Mable. Trilogy Care’s Core Self-Management package has the lowest price on the market at a flat rate of 12%, with no hidden costs, fees, or surcharges. This gives you access to more of your package funds, allowing you to double your care hours compared to a traditional provider.

If you’re wanting to self-manage your home care package but aren’t sure how to decide between providers, make sure you know the questions to ask when looking for a home care package provider. If you’re ready to start choosing your own workers, make sure you also check out our handy guide on how to find your own carers and know what mandatory qualifications they require.

If you have any other queries, check out our frequently asked questions or give Trilogy Care a call on 1300 459 190.

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