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carer helping older woman into wheelchair

What Qualifications Do Your Carers Need?

If you self-manage your home care package your carers will need the right qualifications and compliance checks - this is what they will need.
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older woman with her carer

The Importance of an Advance Health Directive

An advance health directive lets you outline what health care services you consent to in the future - the best time to complete one is now!
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older woman being helped up stairs by carer

What is Your Right to Dignity of Risk?

You have a right to dignity of risk - the capacity to make decisions about your care and services, and understand their potential risks.
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older woman questioning phone screen

What is an Income Tested Fee?

If your income is above a certain threshold, your home care package provider must collect a fee on behalf of Services Australia. Here are the details.
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older man reading privacy policy on laptop

Protecting Your Privacy in Aged Care

Aged care consumers have the right to have their confidential information respected and kept private. This is how to protect your privacy.
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elderly man with carer

Preparing For When Your Home Care Package Starts

Congratulations - you've been allocated a home care package! Follow these steps to quickly make the most out of your new package funds.
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