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Reimbursement Request

As a consumer or representative and you have made a purchase that is within the scope of your care plan or budget, you can submit a request to be compensated. If you are unsure if the goods or services you purchased can be submitted as a reimbursement request, call 1300 459 190 to speak to our team. 

Learn how to submit a request by clicking on the button below:

How much can I claim?

Please enter the reimbursement amount which is in-line with the weekly or monthly amount set in your Home Care Budget. If you submit an amount higher than budgeted, you may receive a call from the package manager.

Worked Example

The client’s home care package has a budgeted amount of $300/week for Personal Care Services. However, the client has consumed $500/week for this service for the week. They submit the request for the budgeted $300 and list the reason and bank details for reimbursement.

What will happen next?

If the reimbursement request is accepted, then it will be included in the next pay run. If the request is denied, then you will be notified via email with a reason as to why the request was not accepted. 

Why would my request be denied?

Reimbursement requests are designed primarily for when a consumer purchases goods (products) not for care services. Care Services provided can generally be submitted as a bill. Reimbursement requests can be denied due to the following reasons:

  1. The aged care goods/services you received is not in your care plan or has not been approved by a case manager
  2. The invoice provided is from an illegitimate place of business or the invoice is not legible.
  3. There are not enough funds in your Home Care Package to reimburse you or you have gone over the allocated budget for the goods or services you are claiming for.
  4. The goods/services you acquired is an exclusion of the Home Care Package program.
  5. The reimbursement submitted could be for services rendered which should be submitted as a bill from the provider.
  6. Providers need to be compliant prior to receiving funds from the Home Care Package. 
For more information, call Trilogy Care on 1300 459 190.