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Partnership Program

How do we work?

Our Approach

Our Values

Value, Choice, Confidence.

Trilogy Care ensures you are provided with the very best value from your self-managed home care package,  enabling you to confidently choose what works best for you and your care plan. 

The Care Circle

Creating your Care Circle is the foundation of every Self-Managed journey. When signing up with Trilogy care, we identify all the relevant people in your life who may help you manage your care and support you to live your best life at home.

Real-life Story

James' journey with the Home Care Package Scheme started in 2017 when his mother-in-law had her driver’s license revoked and his father-in-law was becoming increasingly immobile. It was clear they both required care...

Family and friends support you in your home care journey and provide voluntary care.

Your independent carers and service providers deliver your care services at your home.

Your GP and Allied Health professionals look after your medical needs and inform your care plan

As your Home Care Provider, Trilogy Care helps you manage your home care package throughout the year.

Your Care Circle

What do we offer?

Our Services

Whether you are a capable consumer able to self-manage alone, or need the extra help managing your plan, contact Trilogy Care for the absolute best value home care service in Australia.


Core Services


Ideal for individuals who want to do it all themseves or may have family to help them manage.

No more fees or charges
Choose your own workers
Dedicated care manager
Your care plan
Your Care budget
Care Coordination

Self-Management Plus

Care Coordination


Ideal for individuals who want the benefits of self-managing with some extra help throughout the year.

No more fees or charges
Choose your own workers
Dedicated care manager
Your care plan
Your Care budget
Care Coordination

How it works?

Steps to get started

Talk to us

You reach out to Trilogy Care so we can learn all about your care needs and how to help you self-manage.
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Step 01

Care Planning

You engage us and together we review your care needs and design a care plan and budget.
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Step 02

Find Workers

You organise your care team inline with your care plan and start scheduling your services.
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Step 03

Get Started

You start receiving services and we work alongside you to manage your package spending and administration.
Step 04

If you don’t have a Home Care Package and need coordinated care and services, then call us on 1300 147 601 and we will help you to get started.