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COVID Causes Carer Shortage

Across Australia, the impacts of COVID have continued to put stress on the aged care system. With the Omicron wave continuing to take its toll, thousands of aged care workers are needing to take time off sick, self-isolate, and get their booster shots. This has caused a shortage in available aged care workers, leaving patients across the country in a stressful situation.

Aged care patients struggling to find carers

There is little question that the Omicron wave has hit the aged care system hard across Australia. In Queensland, more than one-in-20 health care worker’s were forced to take time off due to COVID infections and quarantine directions. These care worker shortages have been reflected across the country.

Many care workers are leaving the industry after the Royal Commission’s recommendation to give carers a pay rise was rejected by the government. While mandated booster shots for health care workers will protect those most at risk, it may put increased pressure on the industry in the short term as workers flock to get their boosters.

While it will certainly not alleviate all the stress, home care package owners who are self-managing their package will be relieved to know that they can continue to hire their own care workers. This gives them the freedom to choose workers they are comfortable with, at rates they happy paying, and with the peace of mind that their workers are fully qualified.

How to use a carer marketplace

A carer marketplace is a website designed to connect older people with available home care workers in their area. You can use these marketplaces to find workers in your area, who provide the services you need, at the rates you are comfortable paying.

Using a carer marketplace is simple – just sign up, enter your location, and choose a home care worker with rates that work for you. You can filter your results to find workers that provide specific services, have specific qualifications, or speak specific languages. Once you’ve found a home care worker that suits you, get in contact, agree on your rates, and sign their carer agreement to start receiving their services.

We recommend the carer marketplace Mable – but there are many other marketplaces out there such as CareSeekers, Find A Carer, and LikeFamily. The process will be nearly identical on every marketplace, so don’t be afraid of trying them all to have a look at all your options.

Check out our comprehensive guide on using a carer marketplace for everything you need to know about hiring your own care workers.

What qualifications do you carers need

If you source your home care workers on a carer marketplace like Mable, you don’t need to worry about sending us their qualifications. Every worker available on these marketplaces already has all the qualifications and checks required to provide aged care services in Australia. These carer marketplaces already collect all the compliance documents we need from all their workers and send it to us directly.

If you employ a care worker directly or are looking to partner with Trilogy Care, you will need to send us the required compliance documents. The documents required will vary depending on the type of care that worker is providing. Regardless of the type of service a worker is providing, they will need to supply their:

  • ABN
  • COVID Vaccination Immunisation History Certificate
  • Completed Service Agreement
  • Completed Service Registration Form
  • Police Check dated in the past three years with no disclosable outcomes

We will also need any of the relevant qualifications for that type of care. For example, nursing carers will need to supply their qualifications, which can be checked online at AHPRA. Check out our comprehensive guide on what qualifications your carers need for more information.

Where to go for COVID updates

To stay up to date with the COVID-19 pandemic and get all the updates, visit the Department of Health alerts page. You can also find helpful guides and resources on the Australian Government home page. For up to date information about how COVID-19 is impacting the aged care sector, visit the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission’s COVID-19 information page.

If you would prefer to talk to someone over the phone about COVID-19 or vaccines, call the National Coronavirus Helpline at any time on 1800 020 080. If you would like more specialised support, call the Older Persons COVID-19 Support Line between 8:30AM to 6PM, Monday to Friday, on 1800 171 866.

Make sure you stay up to date with the COVID-19 pandemic by frequently checking the Department of Health alerts page. Make sure you check out our guide on using a carer marketplace if you need more help, and feel free to give us a call on 1300 459 190.

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