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Our Team

Who we are

Our Leadership Team

Trilogy Care’s founders have first hand experience in enabling consumers from their own families to live independent, healthy, and supported lifestyles by self-managing their Home Care Packages.

James Whitelaw

James Whitelaw


James is responsible for Trilogy Care’s corporate governance and performance.

Grant Williams

Grant Williams


Grant is repsonsible for Trilogy Care’s corporate finance, compliance, and auditing.


Jim Toohey


Jim is responsible for Trilogy Care's stakeholder partnerships with government, industry and community.


William Whitelaw

Chief Operating Officer

William is responsible for package onboarding and management and will help you manage your home care funds each month.

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Dr John Ryan

Clinical Advisor

Dr Ryan is a part of the Clinical Governance Committee and provides medical guidance to Trilogy Care on a consultancy basis.

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Siobhan Richards

Care Manager

Siobhan helps design your care plan and budget with you, and monitors and reviews your wellbeing throughout the year.

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Pam Bridges

Clinical Specialist

Pam is responsible for clinical oversight to ensure Trilogy Care meets its obligations as an approved Aged Care Provider.