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Our Team

Who we are

Our Board

Trilogy Care’s founders have first hand experience in enabling consumers from their own families to live independent, healthy, and supported lifestyles by self-managing their Home Care Packages.

James Whitelaw

James Whitelaw

Founder & Chairman

James founded Trilogy Care and has a strong background in Corporate advisory, business and financial advice, strategies and services. Using his experience with his knowledge of the aged care industry, James has innovated the market to benefit consumers through better value care.

Grant Williams

Grant Williams

Board Member

Grant has over 24 years experience as a Chartered Accountant, advising businesses of all sizes, both in senior management and in professional practice. Grant's experience has contributed to the growth of business structure, performance, and planning


Jim Toohey

Board Member

Jim is an experienced board chair, with a background in Business Strategy and Operational Advice, involved in the Aged Care, Retirement Living, Home Care, NDIS, Disability, Finance, and Banking industries. Successfully delivering on strategic goals and key organisational outcomes.

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Glen Wright

Board Member

A driven leader Glen’s entrepreneurial drive and determination are his key strengths. With a hands-on leadership approach, with a particular focus on partnering to identify clear goals and objectives, ensuring the strategy and solutions are aligned to achieve the best possible outcome.

Executive Leadership Team

Trilogy Care’s Leadership team brings a wealth of experience from a variety of industries. Trilogy Care is getting people to think differently, thereby driving us and our partners in becoming more open and engaging in new and effective ways to define, deliver and exceed in our goals, as individuals and as a team.

James B

James Barrientos


A values driven leader who is passionate about assisting people achieve positive change in their lives. Ensures clarity of strategic purpose and its alignment with valued outcomes. Strikes a balanced approach between social cause and entrepreneurship to achieve effective human and business outcomes.


Erin Headley

Manager - Care & Operations

Developing long-lasting relationships, Erin gains immense satisfaction from gaining understanding and insight into client’s, and supporting them on their aged care journeys.

Will W

Will Whitelaw


Motivated, energetic, and an innovate leader, with strong communication and influencing skills. A demonstrated track record of delivering strategic and transformational projects, securing stakeholder engagement at all levels.


Stephen Reynard

Package Manager

An analytical and problem-solving manager, combined with effective interpersonal skills has driven Stephen's success, with a passion for creating innovative improvements and outcomes.

Charlie 2

Charlie Manchadi


A highly motivated and knowledgeable team player. Providing leadership and support towards effective design, delivery and evaluation of industry-leading talent, development and HR strategies, processes and procedures.


Jann Shayler

Manager - Clinical Care

A compassionate and meticulous leader. Jann has proven her ability in successfully forming strong relationships with both clients and staff. Constructively building key processes in operations.

David Melloy

David Melloy

General Manager - Client Services & Partnerships

A powerful but personable manager and change agent, he has led significant projects across peak bodies, charities, commercial business and local government in Queensland and the UK.

Care Management

Trilogy Care’s Care Management team organise the care plan & budget with you. The Care team updates Care Plans frequently, whenever a customer contacts us, requiring amendments to their plan, or their health has changed. Formal changes are made yearly.


Monique Wilson

Senior Care Manager

(07) 2111 3414 moniquew@trilogycare.com.au


Sian Holman

Senior Case Manager

(07) 2139 3717 sianh@trilogycare.com.au


Wesley Turner

Senior Care Manager (Clinical)

(07) 2113 3198 wesleyt@trilogycare.com.au


Emily Paul

Senior Care Manager (Clinical)

(07) 2112 5996 emilyp@trilogycare.com.au


Tiffany Whitelaw

Senior Case Manager

(07) 2111 3410 tiffanyw@trilogycare.com.au


Katia Akauola

Senior Care Manager

(07) 2111 3409 katiaa@trilogycare.com.au


Caitlin Doherty

Administration Assistant

(07) 2111 3407 caitlind@trilogycare.com.au


Tendayi Mhike

Care Manager

(07) 2113 3102 tendayim@trilogycare.com.au


Eugenia McFall

Care Manager

(07) 2100 0707 eugeniam@trilogycare.com.au


Niki Demetriou

Case Manager

(07) 2111 3685 nikid@trilogycare.com.au

Charmaine Bhebhe

Charmaine Bhebhe

Case Manager

(07) 2111 3437 charmaineb@trilogycare.com.au


Maddison Quinn

Case Manager

(07) 2104 4297 madisonq@trilogycare.com.au

Zoe Judd

Zoe Judd

Case Manager

(07) 2139 3711 zoej@trilogycare.com.au

Annu Kaur

Annu Kaur

Case Manager

(07) 2111 3803 annuk@trilogycare.com.au

Business Development & Partnerships

Trilogy Care’s Business Development & Partnerships team, have developed a national network of health professionals, organisations and independent contractors who partner with Trilogy Care to deliver greater choice, transparency and value to our new and existing client base.


Bernie Ng

Partnerships Manager

(07) 2111 3404 bernieng@trilogycare.com.au

Thomas McGuigan

Thomas McGuigan

Partnerships Manager

(07) 2100 0703 thomasm@trilogycare.com.au


Kaelan Gough

Partnerships Manager

(07) 2111 3411 kaelang@trilogycare.com.au


Jordan Collins

Partnerships Manager

(07) 2112 9513 jordanc@trilogycare.com.au

Package Management

Trilogy Care’s Package Management team handle the financial component of Home Care Packages, providing accurate and up-to-date statements, reimbursements, and paying invoices. 

Will Swaffer

William Swaffer

Accounts Administrator

(07) 2111 3416 williams@trilogycare.com.au


Joemar Sotto

Accounts Administrator


Kaleb Waltke

Kaleb Waltke

Accounts Administrator

(07) 2102 1406 kalebw@trilogycare.com.au


Gilian Magbanua

Accounts Administrator


Harry Collier

Harry Collier

Accounts Administrator

(07) 2113 3114 harryc@trilogycare.com.au


Elvie Montemayor

Customer Service Accounts

(07) 2111 9336 elviem@trilogycare.com.au


Brennan Belcher

Accounts Administrator

(07) 2139 6202 brennanb@trilogycare.com.au


Kimberly Rodriguez

Customer Service Accounts

(07) 2102 4459 kimberleyr@trilogycare.com.au

Workforce Compliance

Trilogy Care’s Compliance team, ensure worker compliance – ABN, Police check, Proof of Covid-19 infection control training & vaccination, public liability and indemnity insurance.


Samara Van Der Worp

Quality & Compliance Manager

(07) 2111 5864 samarav@trilogycare.com.au

Sarah Dent

Sarah Dent

Contract Compliance Manager

(07) 2112 6372 sarahd@trilogycare.com.au


Trilogy Care’s Administration team are responsible for the organisation and implementation of office support, and the Care Coordination Program.

Kyla Anderson

Kyla Anderson

Senior Administrator Officer

(07) 2111 3405 kyla@trilogycare.com.au

Hana Barretto

Hana Barretto

Care Coordination Administrator

(07) 2113 3210 hanab@trilogycare.com.au


Sophie Murray

Care Coordination Administrator

(07) 2112 9519 sophiem@trilogycare.com.au

Customer Service & Marketing

Trilogy Care’s Customer Service team are the first point of contact with new clients, partners, and providers. highly knowledgeable in all aspects of the Home Care Package program and aged care to ensure transparency and to guide clients through the process.


Yasmin Lim

Senior Customer Service Representative

(07) 2111 3412 yasminl@trilogycare.com.au

Ben Nelson

Digital Marketing Coordinator

(07) 2111 9321 benn@trilogycare.com.au

Claudia S

Claudia Somerville

Customer Service Representative

(07) 2113 3143 claudias@trilogycare.com.au

David Henry

David Henry

Customer Service Representative

(07) 2112 9542 davidh@trilogycare.com.au

Molly Slattery

Molly Slattery

Customer Service Representative

(07) 2111 3400 mollys@trilogycare.com.au


Joel Hawkins

Customer Service Representative

(07) 2112 5052 joelh@trilogycare.com.au

Sam Gregory

Samantha Gregory

Customer Service Representative

(07) 2113 3143 samanthag@trilogycare.com.au


Samuel Kanizay

Customer Service Representative

(07) 2111 3400 samuelk@trilogycare.com.au